We offer carbon neutral caffeination to fuel your creativity, with perfectly paired blends to match your personality.

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Looking for something in particular? We stock everything you need to fuel your caffeine fix. Did we mention these also make excellent gifts?

Light or dark roast? Colombian or Ethiopian? Espresso machine or filter? Get picky about your coffee with our curated selection of premium quality coffee. Alongside specialist coffee for the true connoisseur, we also stock the accessories you need to achieve the perfect cup. LUX Coffee is an offshoot of Brand Nu Studios, a design and creative studio fuelled by caffeine. Our innovative approach to coffee pairs specialist roasts with the distinct creative personalities we see every day in our line of work. So whether you’re an unapologetic procrastinator, an avid adventurer, or a coffee know-it-all, we’ve got a blend to suit you.

All of our coffee is sustainability produced with carbon neutral practices in place. Small batch roasting every Monday ensures there is no coffee going to waste. We then deliver it directly to you in 100% recyclable packaging. Your morning coffee shouldn't leave you feeling guilty for your carbon footprint. When you’re free from worrying about the origins of the coffee in your cup, you can free up brain space for all of your creative endeavours. We’re all about crafting the perfect conditions to allow creativity to flow, and sometimes that means something as simple as adding coffee to your routine. We’ve got a coffee selection for every time of day and every mood, whether you want to sit back and relax, or achieve incredible focus and flow state.

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Enjoy a guilt-free caffeine fix with our planet conscious collection.

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Our coffee is roasted every Monday for the freshest flavours.

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From espresso to Aeropress, we’ll help you to brew the most expressive cup of coffee with the equipment available to you.