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HÉROE - Brazil (Cocariva)
HÉROE - Brazil (Cocariva)
HÉROE - Brazil (Cocariva)
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Single Origin

HÉROE - Brazil (Cocariva)


This Brazilian single origin coffee is a Medium Roast with a bold and flavourful profile. Enjoy sweet notes of caramel alongside hints of milk chocolate for a classic brew. Produced by various members of the Cocariva Cooperative, this yellow bourbon variety is a testament to the power of cooperation. The pulped natural processing results in a cup that is balanced and sweet, which is characteristic of specialty coffee from the region. 


Tasting notes

Brazil (Cocariva)


1,100 to 1,300 m


Pulped natural

Flavour Notes

Milk chocolate and Smooth caramel

Full Description
Enjoy the bold and bountiful flavours. Sourced from Brazil, HEROE uses a pulped natural processing method to bring out the best of the beans. The result is a flavour profile that spans caramel, milk chocolate and toasted nuts. We’re proud to partner with the Brazilian coffee farmers focusing on cup quality over volume. And by choosing to work closely with the growers, we can ensure everyone is paid a fair rate for their labour. It also helps us to understand where the coffee was grown and what gives it its unique flavour profile. You don’t have to be a coffee expert to appreciate good coffee, but the HEROE blend is a great place to start your appreciation.

How To Brew
This versatile coffee is suitable for an espresso or filter brew style, which means you can brew it using a wide range of methods. Head to our brew guides to learn more about creating the perfect cup of coffee.

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