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QUAERE - Brazil, El Salvador & Kenya
QUAERE - Brazil, El Salvador & Kenya
QUAERE - Brazil, El Salvador & Kenya
QUAERE - Brazil, El Salvador & Kenya
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QUAERE - Brazil, El Salvador & Kenya


QUARAE finds solace in the changing colours of the sunset. This classic Dark Roast offers an intense flavour profile comprising dark cocoa, cinder toffee and malts. Prepare this as a powerful espresso or enjoy the rich flavour profile as a filter coffee. The blend of coffee beans from Kenya, El Salvador and Brazil offers the deep and complex flavours found in each region. Kenyan coffee is known to be clean and crisp, with dark berry and pepper notes. El Salvadoran coffee offers a sweet and acidic flavour profile. And finally, the Brazilian beans lend full-bodied and nutty tasting notes.


Tasting notes

Brazil, El Salvador & Kenya


900 to 1,950 m


Natural & Washed

Flavour Notes

Bitter cacao, Sweet malts, Burnt caramel and Cinder toffee

Full Description
Enjoy tasting notes of bitter dark cocoa perfectly balanced with the nutty presence of malts and the burnt caramel flavour of cinder toffee. It’s a flavour blend that rewards the curious and demands attention. Sources from Brazil, El Salvador and Kenya, this international blend offers the very best of each region. Natural processing involves drying the cherries whole, allowing them to impact more of the sugar content into the finished bean, resulting in a sweeter and full-bodied bean. Washed processing relies on the flavour profile having developed during growing, and is therefore more acidic with brighter flavour that is a little lighter in the body. Combined, we get to enjoy the best of both processing methods.

How To Brew
This versatile coffee is suitable for an espresso or filter brew style, which means you can brew it using a wide range of methods. Head to our brew guides to learn more about creating the perfect cup of coffee.

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