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PRÉTE - Brazil & Ethiopia
PRÉTE - Brazil & Ethiopia
PRÉTE - Brazil & Ethiopia
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PRÉTE - Brazil & Ethiopia


This Medium to Light Roast offers a bright and buoyant mosaic of rich flavours. Enjoy notes of milk chocolate intertwined with spicy hot cross buns, with an unexpected fruit pastel finish. Crafted from a blend of coffee from El Salvador, Kenya and Brazil, this signature blend will take you on a journey. Combining washed and natural process beans allows us to experience the best of both methods. PRETE is a determined and efficient character who shows up to get the job done. 


Tasting notes

Brazil & Ethiopia


1,150 to 1,400 and 1,800 to 2,200 m


Washed & Natural

Flavour Notes

Milk chocolate, hot cross buns and fruit pastels

Full Description
PRETE brings together beans from Las Mercedes in El Salvador, Kiambu in Kenya and the Mantiqueira Mountains in Brazil. This espresso and filter blend is produced using a combination of washed and natural processing. While washed processing results in a floral finish, the natural processing results in a fruity finish. Combining the two creates balance and harmony that allows you to enjoy the very best that each region has to offer. The result is a sweet and slightly spicy cup with a harmonious finish.

How To Brew
This versatile coffee is suitable for an espresso or filter brew style, which means you can brew it using a wide range of methods. Head to our brew guides to learn more about creating the perfect cup of coffee.

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